Day: November 14, 2018

Laying plywood on the floor

Fitting and cutting sheets of plywood for the floor

  Laying plywood on the floor

This stage also refers to the preparatory work and consists of several mandatory steps:

  • Measure the area of ​​the room.
  • When cutting, consider the presence of damping gaps of 3-4 mm between the sheets of material and one centimeter near the walls. If this is ignored, then the temperature drops and the ingress of moisture will lead to “swelling” of the base.
  • Try on the plywood – bed it without fastening as it will be laid in the final version. Lay the sheets with vertical joints displaced by the method of masonry. The joints between them should fall in the middle of the lag.
  • After fitting, number the material.
  • Important! Be sure to check for defects, if the sheets are stratified, then replace them.

    Floating fixation of plywood on the base


    Building a house of foam blocks with your own hands

    For this and subsequent rows, a special type of glue is used. The blocks are laid in staggered order, starting from the corner. The technology provides for the displacement of elements of each top row by 10–20 cm. This will allow building a more solid wall. Dressing is also used for docking external walls and internal partitions.

      Building a house of foam blocks with your own hands

    In the process of a dense arrangement of blocks, “cold bridges” are formed. Builders in certain places make gaps for seams:
    • a narrow board with a square section of 1.5 cm is placed on the block;
    • put a layer of mortar or glue on top and let it dry;
    • remove the rail and get a hollow space in the middle of the block filled with solution.

    Places of the expected openings (doors) are determined immediately after the foundation is poured, or after the first row of masonry. (more…)

    Bored piles technology in manual

      Bored piles technology in manual

    Reinforcing frame for bored piles.

    The grillage is a belt that unites the tips of the piles along the perimeter of the walls of the structure. Even if the superior structure of the frame, and for each rack (column) made its own well, the grillage is still necessary to perform, as it separates the tops of the piles between them and greatly increases their stability.

    Scheme device grillage.

    For bored piles, as a rule, a grillage is made monolithic reinforced concrete. At its core, it strongly resembles a monolithic belt, perhaps, which often requires more reinforcement (in the upper zone in the area of ​​bearing on the piles and in the lower zone in the spans between them). The mating unit is usually made rigid, that is, reinforcement releases are forced into the body of the grillage.

    In cases where a light construction of a steel profile or a wooden frame rests on the piles, the grillage can be made, respectively, steel or wooden. (more…)

    Tiles in a wooden house technology

    Laying tiles begins with the second row of the wall. Need to move in small areas. It is recommended to increase the layer of glue, causing it not only on the walls, but also on the tile itself, this will provide him with additional space for movement. Fix the seams with crosses; on average, their thickness should be 3 mm. Seamlessly laying in a wooden house – taboo. In this case, the elements can come over each other when the volume of the base changes. The first row fits last, often it consists of threaded elements. Seal the joints with silicone sealant, and seal the joints with grout.

    Facing a bathroom or kitchen with a tile in a wooden house is not a problem if you know all the details of doing this kind of work. At observance of the norms and rules, the coating will be reliably fixed on the surface and will not deteriorate with time. (more…)

    Insulating the attic roof with your own hands inside

    When installing this material, you need to remember that there should be some distance between it and the roof. This air gap is necessary to ensure high-quality ventilation in the place of installation of insulation. The thickness of the air gap depends on the coating material of your roof. If the material has a wavy shape (metal tile, tile), then the air gap must be at least 25 mm. In cases of the use of a “flat” format (sheets of steel, rolled materials, asbestos cement), the distance between the heater and the roof should be doubled.

    Another important point – the thickness of the plates of the insulator and the rafters may be different. In case the slabs are thinner, the first layer is placed between the rafters, and the second one must be laid on the rafters. If the plates are thicker, it is necessary to fill the wooden slats on the rafters. (more…)

    Frame structure with their own hands

      Frame structure with their own hands

    At this stage, you need to build a communications system and arrange ventilation. After that, all the walls are sheathed with two layers of drywall.

    Outside the house can be sheathed with siding, block house. You can make a plaster on the reinforcing mesh, using special putty. Interior decoration is no different from the improvement of ordinary apartments and houses.

    The construction of a frame house can be completed in one season, without waiting for its shrinkage. Building a house with this technology is currently the most economical option.

    Frame construction: house building technology

    Warm, fast-built, not too expensive, but at the same time a fairly reliable house is the dream of any owner. And if it is still possible to build it almost completely with your own hands, then such a private cottage becomes very attractive for land owners. (more…)

    Interior wall do it yourself

    In addition, there are special requirements:

    • for partitions of bathrooms and laundry is important resistance to moisture and steam. It is desirable to carry them out of waterproof materials, but the main thing is to prevent moisture from entering the interior of the structure. This problem is solved by facing from waterproof material;
    • for partitions of second floors and penthouses in houses with floors on wooden beams, low weight is important, since they can withstand a lower load than reinforced concrete;
    • if it is necessary to illuminate the room in the depth of the house, then it is better to use a translucent partition – from glass blocks or structures with glass inserts;
    • for laying utilities (wiring, chimneys, water pipes, etc.), a stationary partition of increased thickness will be suitable;
    • the partition dividing the zones with different temperature regimes must be massive and guarantee high thermal insulation.