Day: November 13, 2018

Basement in the house with their own hands

Usually waterproofing of walls, floor and ceiling is made using roofing material. This rolled material is recommended to be laid in two layers. The overlap between the sheets should be no less than 10-12 cm, and each subsequent row should be perpendicular to the previous one. Under the waterproofing it is necessary to pour a gravel-sand pillow with a thickness of not less than 100-150 mm.

Diagram of the waterproofing cellar

Correctly build a cellar under the house with high-quality waterproofing of walls is possible in the process of laying the foundation.

In this case, the work will not interfere with other structures and elements of the building. In the process of building walls, bitumen mastic is applied on their outer surface, on which, in turn, the roofing material is glued. When performing this operation, the sheets are arranged vertically with an overlap of 8-10 cm. (more…)

Frame house building with their own hands

  Frame house building with their own hands

At this stage, you need to build a communications system and arrange ventilation. After that, all the walls are sheathed with two layers of drywall.

Outside the house can be sheathed with siding, block house. You can make a plaster on the reinforcing mesh, using special putty. Interior decoration is no different from the improvement of ordinary apartments and houses.

The construction of a frame house can be completed in one season, without waiting for its shrinkage. Building a house with this technology is currently the most economical option.

Frame house do it yourself: step by step instructions

Step-by-step instructions for building a frame house with your own hands from A to Z:

The construction of a frame house is a long-term business and requires strategic thinking over many things in advance, in stages. (more…)

Concrete screed on wooden lags

Sand-cement screed allows you to make a flat surface on which you plan to lay this or that type of flooring. The advantage of the concrete base is that the leveling layer is prone to deformation only during solidification, and after that no significant changes occur to it.

Before creating a strong and durable floor screed on wooden lags, it is necessary to make calculations of its parameters. It is necessary to deal with the content of cement in the solution, with the thickness of the base layer, with the need for a reinforcement process.

When there is a need to use reinforcement, they are determined with its type and dimensions of diameter and cells. If the finishing flooring during its operation will be a significant load, the reinforcement is produced in two layers.

  Concrete screed on wooden lags

High-quality solution will be obtained only on condition that the requirements for cement required for the screed will be correctly determined. (more…)

Disadvantages of frame houses for permanent residence

At the price, the claydite-concrete block looks attractive (from 2900 rub./m3). The environmental friendliness of this building material also deserves attention. The absence of synthetic and polymeric additives, good vapor transmission can fully use it in residential construction.

Shellstone blocks

In the era of cheap freight, the shell rock was a serious competitor to the expanded clay block. This “free” material, which needed only to be cut from the marine sedimentary massif and loaded into wagons, today has become “biting”.

  Disadvantages of frame houses for permanent residence

Judge for yourself, the price per cube of “shells” with delivery to the central regions of Russia reaches 5,000 rubles. Together with the fragility and its poor geometry of the stone, the developer can only rely on his excellent environmental friendliness.

Arbolitovy blocks

The main components of this material are wood chips and sawdust (4: 1 ratio). (more…)