Day: November 12, 2018

Attic with his own hands in a private house calculation

The upper rafters of the attic roof can be an L-shaped structure. Truss legs between themselves can be joined end-to-end with the use of wooden or metal fixing lining, or by cutting in half-wood, using a bolted connection. It is recommended to fit the first pair of rafters in place, which is then dismantled and used as a template. Prepared trusses are installed in the standard order – first extreme, then the rest with constant leveling.

At the last stage of the creation of a roofing structure, the installation of the batten, the installation of waterproofing, the creation of a ventilation clearance, and the installation of a roofing covering are done by hand. On the inside, heat insulation and vapor barrier are fixed, and sheathing is mounted. In the video you can get acquainted with the technology works. (more…)

Do-it-yourself construction of the roof of a private house

Roof definitions

First you need to familiarize yourself with some terms and definitions:

  • Roof – a building structure covering the top floor. It provides heat insulation and performs waterproofing functions.
  • The roof is a roof covering providing protection against precipitation.
  • Mauerlat is an element of the roofing system that transfers the load from the roof structures to the load-bearing walls. Usually consists of a timber or log, laid on the walls around the perimeter of the building, but in the case of mounting the metal frame can be made of metal – channel or I-beam.
  • A rafter is an inclined supporting element of the roof, most often in the form of a beam. The combination of rafters forms a rafter system that carries the flooring of the roof and transfers the load to the power plate.


DIY wooden house renovation

The most common material in low-rise construction is wood. Wooden log houses can stand for 100 years, or even longer, but they also become unusable and require restoration. Restoration of the old log house takes place in several stages. Originally removed the old finish, looking at the state of the logs. Then replace the rotted crowns. Consolidate the seams between the logs. Today there are several options for sealing – this is the traditional old-fashioned way – caulker with tow and modern, which has become popular in recent years – sealing with acrylic rubber sealant. Treat the frame with an antiseptic.

To strengthen the frame can be lined with brick or revetted with artificial stone. A good option for updating facades is siding.


Finishing the repair work roof repair. Robust reliable roof – the key to a comfortable warm housing. (more…)

Do-it-yourself pool in the house

It is imperative to install filtering equipment that will effectively clean water from debris and various microorganisms. Depending on the choice of cleaning method, it can be carried out after a certain time or permanently.

The structure of such equipment includes a pump, multi-way valve and filter element. The average filter life is about 2 years. In addition to the filter unit, special chemicals can be used.

If the structure is located indoors, then it is possible to make and install an air dryer, heat exchangers, flow-through water heaters near the pool. Electrical heating can be used for small pools, and large ones are usually connected to the central heating system.

Now you know how to build a pool with your own hands. As you can see, this is a simple task that can be done by any home craftsman, after which your dacha will be transformed, and you will be able to rest outside the city even more comfortably. (more…)

How to make waterproofing

Independent arrangement of waterproofing coating provides for compliance with the basic rules:

  • Materials are applied only on the dried surface;
  • Stitches, undressed plaster or wet walls are painted with a liquid primer – bitumen-based emulsion. The following layers will be done in thick formulations;
  • When buying insulation products, consider their effect on reinforcing elements, joints and seams;
  • For brick surfaces it is worth using cement mortar, reinforced with polymeric agents or liquid glass;
  • Floor surfaces are waterproofed with bulk polymers;
  • For complete drying of the walls, floors and ceiling before work is enough 5 days.

Adhere to the technology of work and requirements for the isolation of the basement – so you reliably protect the structure from the water in the cellar and destruction. (more…)

Frame house step by step instructions

  Frame house step by step instructions

Installation of the roof of a frame house is a very important event. Rafters (pictured) of the roof can be done both before and after wall cladding. I did the first trim, but often do the rafters before the trim (especially the Finns, who on the roof very quickly put the farm from the factory)

I delegated this stage, I could not master it myself, very heavy boards for rafters, you have to drag it to the very top and do everything very precisely.

Frame-shield house with their own hands. Wall cladding

Before sheathe the walls, you need to check their slope vertically. It is better to sew up the walls completely, and then cut the openings in the casing, so tight.

Usually the walls are sheathed with OSB, but I do not like this stove, it does not let off steam. It is better then to use the MVDP Beltermo or inch (as in my photo). (more…)

Bottom trim of the boards on the column foundation

How is the grillage attached to the piles?
It is usually attached to studs 10-12 mm thick. The studs come out of the piles by 25 cm. We insert them into the concrete before it dries right in the middle of the pile. Then with long drills (more than 200 mm long) we drill through the center beam of the grillage through and put it on this place on the hairpin. From above, then we take a feather drill and drill a place under the washers in the same beam – I note that it is quite difficult. From above we put on 2 washers and a nut of the same diameter as the studs. Everything!

So, in this article we looked at how the strapping of a wooden house is done. If you follow the frame technology, it is not at all difficult. And if you still have any questions, ask for advice via Skype.

Subscribe, ask questions in the comments, be sure to answer all your questions. (more…)