Day: November 11, 2018

Waterproofing cellar from groundwater

How to get rid of water destroying the basement? Start with a study of the soil, the characteristics of the foundation. Before purchasing waterproofing compounds, determine the approximate depth of the location of the subsoil water, the increase in soil during frosts, the type of soil in your place of residence, the purpose of the structure. Modern manufacturers offer several types of compounds to prevent moisture in the cellar. Consider the most popular.

Use of bituminous resin

The implementation of the waterproofing cellar bitumen – a budget option to eliminate the wet environment. The material is a small bars, which are applied to the surface in liquid form:

  • bituminous resin and engine oil in proportions of 3: 1 are placed in a large container.
  • the tank is heated and the mixture is made to a liquid state.
  • a mass is applied to a pre-leveled surface with a cracked or sealed crack.
  • work from the bottom of the surface at a distance of no more than 20 cm from the soil.
  • The optimal thickness for the cellar is 5 cm, i.e. need to apply 3 layers.


Drawings of wooden stairs to the second floor

Before proceeding to the consideration of design features, you should “decipher” some specific definitions. The main elements are shown in the diagrams.

  • Step. Its horizontal part is called the foot, the vertical part (it may not be) – the riser.
  • Supporting beams. If the steps adjoin them with end parts, then this is a bowstring. If they are “superimposed” on the beam and their edges are in favor of it, then it is called a kosour.
  • Railing supports. They are often called balusters or pillars. For helical design, the term stand is used.
  • Fasteners. In some types of stairs, the fixation of steps directly on the adjoining wall is done with special bolts – bolzie.

  Drawings of wooden stairs to the second floor

Types of stair designs

For self-made the most simple – marching. For a private house, they are installed one or two span. Spiral stairs for self-assembly is much more difficult (this is described here). (more…)

Exterior finish frame house

If you have decided that your frame house externally should seem brick, then one of the options is covering it with natural brick. The main requirement here is the presence of a gap of 30–50 mm between the wall of the house and the inside of the brickwork and the air vents that ensure air circulation in this gap.

If this is not done, then moisture will inevitably condense on the inner surface of the brick during the cold season, which ultimately will lead to its accelerated destruction. Nor will she be spared by the outer enclosing material of the frame itself, which is often OSB or plywood.

  Exterior finish frame house

Naturally, both the width and the bearing capacity of the foundation with this type of finish are adjusted upwards. In general, these are two different systems of housing construction and you should, when combining them, try to avoid hard ties between the frame that does not give shrinkage and the brick coat that sits down during the year. (more…)

Build a private house

Welcome to the construction portal, dear guests!

Building your own home is a difficult process, which is often only under the power of professional builders, but once you are on this resource, you are not afraid of difficulties, or maybe you just decided to prove to yourself and those around you that you are a real man who must do 3 things one of which is to build your own house (And with the help of our website, also build a bath:)). We fully support you in this choice, and we want to say that in most cases they are engaged in building houses – contractors who can hardly explain why and why they are doing this or that thing, often their work is reduced only to the physical efforts for which get very good money. That is why we believe that even if such people can build a cottage, then why are we afraid to start building a house from scratch? (more…)