Day: November 9, 2018

How to build a roof

In modern construction, various types of roofs of houses and types of arrangement of the roof of the house are used. Consider the most common, their advantages and features.

  • Shed roof leans on the walls of the house, one of which may be higher than the other. This type of roofing is used for residential buildings rarely, only in areas where high wind loads. Usually, shed roofs are made in garages, outbuildings, and sheds. They do not imply the presence of an attic room and roof system in the traditional sense. But this type of roof is the most economical in terms of lumber consumption and roofing.

  How to build a roof

  • Duplex roof consists of two rectangles connected by upper edges, forming two pediments in the form of triangles. The length of the slopes may be different, with the result that the gables may take the form of irregular triangles. The construction of a double-slope roof is not a complicated matter, and the presence of an attic allows you to have a room for storing unnecessary things or for making extra room.
  • The construction of hipped roof is widespread. which consists of four triangles, not necessarily identical, connected by their vertices at one point.


Bath from the frame with his own hands

Having defined the project, proceed to laying the foundation. Naturally, we make the necessary pit in width and depth.

Important! It is the ribbon type of foundation that is needed only for the washroom and the steam room.

It is more profitable to place a waiting room, a rest room or a terrace on metal poles or poles.

It makes sense to make the tape type of the basement if there are more than one floors in the plans. After all, the design will be heavier several times.

In some cases, on the contrary, they save on everything, including the support. The frame is collected on what will have. Such a building will begin to dampen in the very first season! But it is allowed to make such foundations for the frame:

  • Tape;
  • Columnar;
  • Wooden;
  • Reinforced;
  • Screw;
  • Block or brick.

Normal basis do so:


Prefab house pros and cons

  Prefab house pros and cons

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DIY parquet flooring

Technology laying paving depends on its future pattern. Therefore, for example, consider it for the “Christmas tree”:

  1. First you need to determine the middle of two opposite walls and connect them along the floor with a tensioned cord, which will serve as a guide when installing the rows of parquet.
  • After that, you need to pick up a couple of strips and, inserting the spike into the groove, connect them with a Christmas tree. Apply glue to the ends.
  • Then it is necessary to process the plywood base with an adhesive. This procedure is performed with a notched trowel.
  • Now the “beacon tree” should be attached to the plywood base so that the edge of the left bar presses the cord to the base and the edge of the right one rests on the cord.
  • Both planks need to pin down to the plywood before squeezing out excess glue from under them. (more…)
  • Interior walls of a frame house

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      Interior walls of a frame house

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    Roof the house do it yourself scheme

    The installation height of the girder is chosen according to the architectural features of the roof. Most often, attic facilities are located 2.2-2.5 m from the planned floor line above the ceiling of the first floor.

      Roof the house do it yourself scheme

    The use of navy technology makes it necessary to pay close attention to the walls, designed to serve as a support for the run. Especially if there is a window under the niche or through hole. Above the window opening, regardless of its size, it is necessary to arrange at least 6 rows of masonry with a reinforcing mesh. Above the openings in concrete walls there should be a reinforced concrete lintel.

    According to the hanging scheme of the roof construction with two slopes, the rafter legs of its frame rest exclusively on the walls of the building. In the simplest hanging structures, the ridge girder is not present at all, but in more responsible systems it can be used as a guide for the top of the rafter legs. (more…)

    How to insulate a house inside

    Given that wood, of all building materials, is more susceptible to moisture, it is very important to protect the walls. Warming log houses from the inside is made only after the preparation of surfaces.

    At this stage, the following actions are performed:

    • Regardless of whether housing is being built or an already finished building is being upgraded, it is necessary to check all wall surfaces for the presence of cracks and leaks. In a private house from a wooden bar all the joints should be filled with jute fiber. If larger gaps have formed over time, tape tow is used. Then the surfaces are treated with a special compound, which reduces the risk of fungus and mold formation.
    • In wooden housing it is necessary to take care of moisture protection in order to avoid further rotting of the box at home. To do this, before the installation of fixed film waterproofing material