Day: November 7, 2018

Warming of the wooden house from a bar

Recommendations for laying insulation:

  1. Carrying out the installation of outdoor insulation of the house from a timber, it should be noted that insulation plates are not allowed to be stored outside, because when they are wet, they can lose their thermal insulation qualities quite significantly.

  Warming of the wooden house from a bar

Warming scheme: 1 – insulation, 2 – diffusion membrane, 3 – siding

  • If the step of the obreshetka bars along the horizon is 15 mm smaller than the size of the insulation mats, then in this case, you can do without the use of fixing materials – this will give the opportunity to stack them.
  • When working with insulation, you need to remember that you should use personal protective equipment (respirator, goggles, gloves).
  • Attention! If mineral wool is used as a heater, then a diffusion membrane should be used to protect it from moisture. (more…)

    Insulation of the stone house from the inside

    Vata has a harmful effect on the human body due to the presence of formaldehyde in its composition and the irritating effect of the fibers on the skin. Therefore, when insulating partitions from the inside, you must adhere to the following safety rules:

    • When insulating walls with stone wool, avoid contact with the product. Use safety glasses, thick gloves, long-sleeved clothing, and a respirator. At the end of the process, change into different clothes.
  • Remove food from the room during installation.
  • Do not allow children to play with a heat insulator.
  • Do not allow the spread of fibers throughout the apartment. After work, immediately remove the garbage in the room.
  • There may be an opinion that stone wool is extremely dangerous, but this is only at first glance. Existing technologies of installation level its negative properties, and after the erection of a decorative wall, it will not harm anyone. (more…)

    Making the blind area around the house with your own hands

    Greetings, friends. Alexander Alexandrov is the author of this blog!

    Today I will tell you how to make a blind area with your own hands.

    When building a private house should take into account various nuances. Including – prevention of warming the basement with rainwater. Constant water flow under the foundation can lead to very undesirable consequences. The effect of atmospheric moisture on the concrete foundation leads to cracks and other damage. In these cracks begin to grow plant roots and produce a destructive effect on the foundation.

    Sometimes when building a building, the builders for some reason forget the existence of such a problem, and the owner of the house has to solve it himself. Some owners are not aware of the need to protect the foundation of the building, and this significantly reduces the operational life of the dwelling. (more…)

    Construction of the veranda to the house

    The height of the base of the veranda depends on two parameters – the level of the floor in the house and the height of the ceiling of the future veranda.

    Usually, the floor of the veranda is arranged at the same height as the floor of the house, but if we make the veranda “autonomous,” then its truss system should fit under the ledge of the house roof so that you can, without breaking anything, mount the crate and roofing material.

    If the angle of the roof slope is still planned to be the same as that of the main roof, then the height of the ceiling of the veranda can drop to one and a half meters if the floor of the veranda is at the floor level in the house.

    Therefore, it is best to make the base of the veranda low, and to equip the entrance to the house from it with an additional staircase. (more…)

    How to make a pool with your own hands

    It is imperative to install filtering equipment that will effectively clean water from debris and various microorganisms. Depending on the choice of cleaning method, it can be carried out after a certain time or permanently.

    The structure of such equipment includes a pump, multi-way valve and filter element. The average filter life is about 2 years. In addition to the filter unit, special chemicals can be used.

    If the structure is located indoors, then it is possible to make and install an air dryer, heat exchangers, flow-through water heaters near the pool. Electrical heating can be used for small pools, and large ones are usually connected to the central heating system.

    Now you know how to build a pool with your own hands. As you can see, this is a simple task that can be done by any home craftsman, after which your dacha will be transformed, and you will be able to rest outside the city even more comfortably. (more…)

    How to insulate the roof of the attic

      How to insulate the roof of the attic

    In a heated room, the greatest heat loss occurs through the roof, since, in accordance with the laws of physics, warm air rises. Heat penetrates through the roofing pie and is transferred to the topcoat, which in winter is covered with a layer of snow. Snow has a porous structure, and due to internal air pockets it acts as an external heat insulator at air temperatures below -2 degrees.

    If the heat loss of the house through the roof is high, the roofing material is heated, which causes the snow to melt. When the air temperature drops, the melted snow forms an ice crust. This is dangerous for roofing, as when freezing water has a negative effect on the outer surface of the roof. Ice, unlike snow, is not a heat insulator, in addition, it is denser in structure – an ice crust on the roof significantly increases the load on structures. (more…)