Day: November 5, 2018

Skeleton wall section

  Skeleton wall section

The scheme of finishing the wall frame house siding.

  1. Wooden boards 20-40 mm or siding.
  2. Vertical crate with a ventilation gap of 25 mm.
  3. Windproof plate ISOPLAAT 25 mm.
  4. Insulation 200 mm.
  5. Bar of frame 100 mm.
  6. Plate heat-insulating ISOPLAAT 25 mm.
  7. Frame timber 50 mm.
  8. Steam insulation film.
  9. OSB plate 10 mm.
  10. Decorative plate ISOTEX 12 mm.
  1. Decorative plaster.
  2. Windproof plate ISOPLAAT 25 mm.
  3. Windproof plate ISOPLAAT 25 mm (you can install one plate).
  4. Insulation 200 mm.
  5. Bar frame 70х195.
  6. Steam insulation film.
  7. OSB plate 9 mm.
  8. 22х50mm lathing (can be not installed), decorative trim is installed directly on the OSB, the lathing is necessary for laying communications, in the absence of communications it can be not installed.
  9. Decorative plate ISOTEX 12 mm.

Scheme of interior wall frame house. (more…)

Frame shield house with their own hands

Detailed instructions for assembling a frame roof are presented in our third video lesson. It is possible to build the basis for a roof from a thick bar which is called a mauerlat. Bars with a section of 150×50 mm are connected to each other at an angle of 50 °. The rafters are fastened together with a transverse board with nails. Crate is made of boards 100×25 mm. The distance between the boards – 10 cm.

Then the crate is covered with roofing felt. The roof is better to cover with metal, starting from the bottom and moving up to the ridge. Sheets of roofing material need to overlap! The ridge part is fixed with screws. The roof is covered. You can start installing communications.

Frame-shield house and its features: the advice of the master

If you decide to build a frame-shield residential house, the following expert’s recommendations will be useful to you. (more…)

How to put the floor in a wooden house

  • A set of tools, flooring, timber, vapor barrier, fasteners (nails, screws), electric drill, grinder.

Prepare all necessary materials. For log log size from 50×70 and above is used. Pay special attention to the humidity of boards and beams, it should not exceed 15-16%. Before laying materials must be kept for three days in the room. The foundation of the floor must be level. If it was laid screed. check it for dryness. Under a piece of polyethylene. lying on the screed for about 24 hours, there should not be a darkening or appearance of moisture.

Lay the vapor barrier on the base with a bend on the walls. You can use a polyethylene film with a thickness of 200-300 microns. The joints should overlap by 5-10 cm. Lay the logs parallel to the wall in which the windows are located. The joints of the floorboards in this case will be directed to the windows, which will make them less noticeable. (more…)

Overlap device in a wooden house between floors

To overlap the floor between floors, use a variety of materials from wood, including boards, plywood and chipboards.

The subfloor serves as the subfloor in the ceiling, and the insulating material is laid on it. It can be mounted directly on the beams below. In this case, it performs the function of a draft ceiling, on which you can immediately mount the finishing material. A floor made using a second-rate board will cost much less.

  Overlap device in a wooden house between floors

The distance from the boards or logs is determined by the thickness of the boards, which cover the draft coating. They are the main burden. So, if indoors, boards of 2 and a half centimeters are used, a 50 cm step is needed for attic rooms, and 40 cm for residential premises. Therefore, a thick board of 4-5 cm is recommended for flooring.

Laying methods for basement floors


DIY plywood partition

After this, fasten the second one-piece plate:

  DIY plywood partition

There is quite a bit left above – here we can’t do without measurements and undercuts. As at the end of the wall, where you need to cut additional elements.

In total, the wall will take 2 whole plates on each side, 2 “halves” on each side (sawed strictly in half), plus one for all complementary ones.

Total seven on a wall 4 meters long with a ceiling height of 2.75 m, plan when calculating the cost of materials.

There is nothing better when someone cares about you. For example, manufacturers of high-quality mineral wool insulation, which in combination are also soundproof material.

Such insulators, sound insulators are made taking into account the performance of several functions, so there is no need to look for sound insulation separately. (more…)