Day: November 3, 2018

How to build a house yourself

We make sewers and plumbing using plastic pipes. The issues of heat and hot water are perfectly solved by a modern and inexpensive double-circuit gas boiler.

Pay special attention to electrical wiring inside the house. Its installation is better to entrust experts. Houses often burn because of problems with wiring.

  How to build a house yourself

Interior decoration – no limit to the imagination

Here everyone chooses for himself those design solutions that he likes the most and fit the price limit. Walls are cheaper to glue wallpaper. Linoleum is laid on the floor or inexpensive carpet. The bathroom is decorated with ceramic tiles. Materials for interior decoration a huge amount. Study, analyze, compare and make your final choice.

I am a self-builder: personal experience

FORUMHOUSE users advise how to build a country house on their own, and tell them how to reduce the estimate for construction. (more…)

How to build a drain hole in a private house

10. The thickness of the walls of the cesspool of concrete – 25 cm.

11. In order to avoid the appearance of cold joints (“slack” places in concrete), walls are filled only in one step.

12. The solution is kneaded in a ratio of 1: 2: 3 (cement, sand, crushed stone). It should be quite liquid. If you throw a small pebble at it, with a sufficient amount of liquid, it should be completely immersed in the solution.

13. In the process of pouring, the solution should be periodically sealed with a shovel or vibro-compactor (whack). Otherwise, voids are formed in it, which will adversely affect the strength of the structure.

  How to build a drain hole in a private house

Compaction of concrete makes it stronger and protects against voids

14. In hot weather, in order to avoid cracking, it is better to cover the drying concrete surface with bags. (more…)