Day: November 2, 2018

House of foam concrete with their own hands

When the foundation pit is dug, install a drainage pipe . She must drain water from the walls to the drain well.

Further at the bottom, formwork for the basement floor is collected. The soil surface in the formwork is covered with mats, leveling the surface and increasing the waterproofing. On top of this layer is placed a reinforcing mesh with cells ten by ten centimeters. If such reinforcement is not used, then the basement floor will be unnecessarily fragile, which will reduce the period of its service.

Further, the creation of a basement base with his own hands under the house of foam blocks continues casting concrete. The most convenient will be the use of a concrete mixer with a feed hose. In this case, it remains only to lead the sleeve and evenly pour the concrete on the grid, and then level it. (more…)

Warming the walls inside the house with their own hands

The easiest way to warm the walls. Its undoubted advantage is that the result of the work is a wall ready for decoration. In addition, the sheet thickness is only 12.5 mm, which, together with the use of lightweight profiles for the frame, takes no more than three centimeters. But by itself, drywall is not a heater. In this case, the effect will be achieved due to the air gap between the wall and the sheet.

Therefore, it is more logical to lay mineral wool or any hard insulation in this space. The drawing below shows the sequence of work.

  Warming the walls inside the house with their own hands

This method of insulation also requires the use of vapor barrier membranes and compliance with the necessary air gaps as in the installation of mineral wool.

Insulation of walls with drywall from the inside


Having made a short excursion into the world of thermal insulation materials, and having familiarized with the advantages of internal warming, you can more confidently choose the appropriate method of warming the walls of a house. (more…)

Internal repair of a private house

The garden was in a deplorable state, since for many years there was no care for it.

Previous owners were heavy smokers, so the white walls got a yellowish tint.

In the corner of the bedroom was a fungus.

Bedroom, view of the entrance.

Bathroom before renovation.

Old layout of the house.

Indoors, the walls and ceiling were smoked by cigarette smoke, so the first step was to remove the source of the smell.

We completely removed the facing of the ceiling, walls and doors (room 3).

When moving the bathroom, new sewer and water pipes were laid.

We vaporize the room using ordinary polyethylene (room 1).

This is a bathroom that we decided to build from aerated concrete (room 4).

On top of the vapor barrier, we decided to lay a 50 mm insulation material.

Walls sew drywall. Here is the kind of acquired kitchen-living room. (more…)

Is it possible to warm the frame house foam?

Polyfoam is one of the highest quality insulation materials. It perfectly combines the parameters of price and quality.

Extruded polystyrene plates have high strength characteristics and are distinguished by a dense cellular structure of a closed type.

All plates are made with an orientation to the extrusion method, and at the final stage of production, a special foaming reagent is added to the melted polystyrene and urea foam.

It should be noted that extruded polystyrene foam is distinguished by its low thermal conductivity coefficient. This material is not capable of absorbing moisture and has a high compressive strength.

By production special composite materials which are in a zone of a high pressure are applied. The actual use of flame retardant additives, dyes and all kinds of foaming additives, which are necessary for the formation of gas in the internal structure. (more…)

How to mount an imitation timber inside the house

  How to mount an imitation timber inside the house

Crate of bars under the slabs of mineral wool.

  1. Using the level set the most extreme rack. If the wall is too uneven, then in some places enclose pieces of wood. When fixing, it is recommended to use screws, since with their help it is possible to draw out the elements of the batten;
  2. At the top, bottom and in the central part, a string is drawn, along which intermediate stands will be leveled. To do this, small screws are screwed in in six places or cloves are hammered. Used twine should be well stretched;
  3. In increments of 40-50 cm, the remaining parts of the supporting structure are installed. At the same time fasteners should be located at a distance of no more than 60 cm from each other. From the floor and ceiling should retreat about 50 mm. In the presence of deflections in the lateral plane it is necessary to use wood inserts.


Build a foundation with your own hands

If you are building something with the expectation that the building will last for many years, then it is imperative for it to build a foundation. It does not matter whether it is a residential house, bath, garage, fence or greenhouse.

Articles in the category dedicated to foundations for a house will allow you to independently begin building your own house or any other structure that requires a reliable foundation. Even if you are not a fan of doing your own hands or you simply have no time, the information provided will allow you to monitor the progress of construction work carried out by hired workers.

We build a quality foundation with our own hands

Ivan, in this case, you need to build on a 10-liter bucket. Fill a full bucket with sand and add 1/3 of cement, mix everything 10 liters. (more…)

Finnish house building technology

Compared with a brick building, a frame house using Finnish technology will require two to three times less money for its heating. The standard wall thickness of just 15 cm (!) Is enough for quite comfortable living throughout the middle belt. If, however, a sandwich panel is sewn over such shields, then you can settle even beyond the Arctic Circle. In particular, many such houses were built in Alaska and Norway, so even this statement stands the test of practice.

  Finnish house building technology

By the way, panel houses on the Finnish technology, the prices of which are quite small, are extremely easy to finish with any materials. Thanks to the perfectly smooth walls, there is no need to mess with plaster, as well as use more complex methods. Insulation can be used very different. You can use banal mineral wool (and its derivatives, like “Izovera”, “Knauf”), polystyrene foam or special bulk fillers are not a bad fit. (more…)

Construction of the roof of a private house do it yourself

Installation of roofing materials

The final arrangement of the roof – flooring roofing material. The simplest and still one of the most popular materials is slate. Laying such material always starts from the bottom. In order to make sure that the laying is done correctly, at first only the first three rows are fixed and check how smoothly they are laid. If you do not comply with this rule and allow the curvature of at least one row of slate, the consequences can be dire: you may have to cut off the entire roof again.

Laying the roofing material should not forget about overlaps. For example, the overlap of the upper rows to the bottom with a longitudinal laying should be at least 10-15 cm, and when cross-laying the overlap of one sheet of slate onto another should be at least one “wave”. That is, the sheet on the left must end in a small wave, and the sheet on the right should cover it with its large wave. (more…)