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Frame roof do it yourself

The device truss system.

Arrangement of the basement and the construction of the walls of the house is coming to the finish line, and the beginning builders have a question: how to build a roof? In fact, the choice of roofing and waterproofing material is large enough, and you can always buy it according to your financial possibilities. But the roof of the house require special attention. To begin, you will need to decide what kind of roof you see and choose its type: single, gable, hipped or sloping.

  Frame roof do it yourself

The scheme of assembly of the roof of the frame house.

There are many advantages to making a roof frame yourself. First, you will have a great opportunity to save on payments for hired craftsmen. And secondly, you yourself will control the entire construction process and in the future will be able to prevent possible repairs. (more…)

How to make a concrete mixer do it yourself

This is the simplest manual concrete mixer do-it-yourself, requiring a minimum of cost and effort in the manufacture. However, the quality of the prepared mixture in such a device can be called nothing more than satisfactory, and large volumes of the solution in it cannot be made.

And yet, with relatively small needs in the solution, given the simplicity and cheapness, such a concrete mixer with his own hands is quite widely used in the performance of construction work on personal plots.

Structurally, its scheme is a horizontally disposed, closed container with an opening door through which components are supplied.

For more convenient use of a gravitational-type concrete mixer, it is installed on a welded support frame.

As a container you can use a metal can or an ordinary steel barrel. (more…)

What does frame houses mean

  What does frame houses mean

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Thermal insulation materials for walls

Extruded appearance is a plate or sheet of rigid texture, made of synthetic polystyrene granules, with the addition of a gas mixture and a foaming agent. With very low thermal conductivity and absolutely non-hygroscopic.

The material is not subjected to deformation, it can ignite, but with the disappearance of the source of ignition fades.

  Thermal insulation materials for walls

The advantages of basalt wool are: low thermal conductivity, long service life, resistance to the formation of fungus and mold, high sound insulation, etc.

The disadvantage is poor vapor permeability, which leads to deterioration of the microclimate. If you decide to use this type of insulation, do not forget about ventilation.

Glass wool refers to the materials that are used for thermal insulation. The basis of manufacturing is glass waste.

Advantages of material for internal warming:


Making a house roof with your own hands

Not only rafters are made of logs, but also puffs, and for puffs that compensate for spacer loads, you must select the highest quality wood material. The prepared logs are faceted in length.

The maximum length of standard roundwood is 6.5 m. For this reason, in order to overlap large spans, the inhaling should be made of two or three logs connected in length.

At rafter legs, struts and racks made of logs, it is required to finish the ends and cut the heels using the templates prepared in advance. Installation of the truss system, the elements of which are made of logs, is usually carried out using laminated wooden dowels. This type of fasteners is made of solid wood (oak, less often – birch) and allows you to build fully wooden houses from logs and other buildings.

Rafter system of the frame house

The construction of a frame house involves the construction of load-bearing structures of wooden beams with their subsequent lining with sheet material or panels. (more…)

How to fasten a plastic window in a wooden house

  How to fasten a plastic window in a wooden house

Scheme of installation work

Installation work consists of the following steps:

  • Okosyachki assembly;
  • window sill fasteners;
  • window fasteners;
  • fastener reflux.

Consider each of these steps in more detail.

Okosyachki making

Okosyachka with installed wooden window sill

The order of installation of plastic windows in a wooden house is such that the first thing to do is to manufacture the casing.

This is done as follows:

  • Cut out the opening. If the opening is already there, check its sides for irregularities. All protruding fragments of the opening carefully cut off the chainsaw.
  • On the sides of the opening we cut a “ridge” – a protrusion corresponding to the size of the carriage (carriage – vertical walls of the casing, which have characteristic protrusions in the form of a groove or spike).


Stages of building a private house do it yourself

Secondly, the price of a plot is not of little importance, but rather the ratio of its price and criteria, the presence of which you considered necessary.
And finally, if everything suits you, you must carefully check the documents on the site, talk with your neighbors. It would not be superfluous to contact the local authorities, get information about the site. It is necessary to check whether all taxes and fees for the site have been paid, and whether the site you like is not a subject of legal dispute as to how correctly the survey was carried out, to once again clarify the number of the site being acquired.

About the size of the plot:

The size of the land plot plays an important role, if only because the possible dimensions of the house being built will depend on it. The desired proportion of one to ten, that is, if you plan to build a house with an area of ​​100 square meters, then the land must be at least ten acres. (more…)

How to build a pool in the house

For the manufacture of the bowl directly at the facility it is convenient to use special polypropylene or durable fiberglass.

The main difference between the internal basin and the external one is that special technical and engineering communications must be equipped for the operation and proper functioning of the system.

  How to build a pool in the house

It is not only a separate water supply system, but also heating and heating systems, ventilation. sewer and power supply.

In some cases, an emergency discharge system is also provided. All these communications significantly increase the network load, so all electrical equipment must be well strengthened.

In this connection, sometimes they even equip their own separate substation.

It will be quite problematic to make such changes in an already finished house, so it’s best to think about the pool already at the stage of housing design. (more…)