Day: October 30, 2018

Expanded clay for floor insulation

But first another intermediate layer is poured. It is made on the basis of a mixture of cement and water, which form a kind of suspension. It should not be too thin or too dry. This layer is necessary for the displacement of air cement from the air pores. The result is a monolithic coating that will not be afraid of heavy loads or excessive moisture.

But now you can move on to the final screed, which not only aligns the insulated floor, but also prepares it for laying out any floor covering.

The quality and strength of the entire assembly will depend on the quality of the prepared solution. In other words, it is the quality of sand and cement, as well as their proportion in the mixture. The lack of cement leads to the weakening of the strength, while its excess – to an overly rapid solidification of the solution. (more…)

Base plate do-it-yourself for home

  Base plate do-it-yourself for home

Formwork scheme for a monolithic slab

10. After installing the reinforcement layer, the platform is filled with concrete. It must have a sufficient degree of mobility, so that the rubble does not get stuck between the reinforcement bars.

11. The solution is prepared according to the recommendations of a specific cement manufacturer. 10 kg of cement is usually taken 30 kg of clean sand without admixture of clay and 50 kg of gravel.

12. The flooded solution is carefully leveled and left to dry.

The proportions of the preparation of the solution for the foundation of cement M400

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Part 1

Part 2

Independent slab foundation device

  • How to make a foundation slab with your own hands?
  • 2 ways of laying concrete
  • Final stage
  • Advantages of the base plate
  • When is it best to choose a foundation slab as the basis for a home?


How to insulate the walls inside the house

  How to insulate the walls inside the house

Despite the fact that the option of internal insulation seems, at first glance, the most effective and profitable, experts recommend resorting to it only in the most extreme cases. if there is no other way out.

Protection of walls from the cold from the inside is not recommended by building codes. specified in the Code of Rules SP 23-101-2004.

If the operating organization for years promises to carry out outdoor insulation, and the residents do not have their own funds, then everything that is not recommended can be carried out, since it does not have a strict ban.

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Find a more comfortable and warm housing, if there is an opportunity to insulate an existing apartment, very few people agree.

An additional incentive is: