Day: October 26, 2018

Build a house with a loft do it yourself

Tip: To ensure that the angle of attachment of rafters does not go astray, a pattern is first made from two planks that exactly corresponds to the connection of rafters. Beams are trimmed in a pattern on the ground, and then mounted on a frame.

  Build a house with a loft do it yourself

Frame loft do-it-yourself installation of the upper truss structure

Further rafters we cover with vapor-insulating material, and we beat a batten, for this you can use boards or plywood. The material for the batten is determined by the type of roofing material.

Attic device, construction of crates for roofing material

The next step is the creation of an insulation layer. It is recommended to use non-toxic and non-flammable materials, this is especially true if there is a nursery or bedroom on the attic floor. From the inside of the rafter frame we put the vapor barrier, fasten it with brackets. (more…)

Attic roof insulation from inside with their own hands

To eliminate the risk of condensation of moisture from the inside of the rafters and wall structures when using foam plastic, the waterproof barrier should be installed first. The rolled material (film or membrane) must be laid in such a way that it envelopes the rafters and lies on the back side of the batten. It can be fastened with brackets using a construction steppler, but double-sided tape is also allowed.

The waterproofing layer should be a seamless canvas without seams. If you have to dock pieces of film or membrane, you need to perform an overlap of at least 15 cm wide and carefully glue the joints with reinforced tape.

  Attic roof insulation from inside with their own hands

Installation of a waterproofing barrier

If the end walls of the attic (gables) are made of timber or building blocks, you must choose one of two mounting options:


Interior decoration of the frame house plasterboard

Interior decoration of the frame house OSB is produced most often in the case when there is no shortage in free space. Otherwise it is best to choose sheets of drywall.

  Interior decoration of the frame house plasterboard

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Asbestos pipe foundation

It is important that the top of all the pillars be in the same plane, because the harness from the beam will be installed on it. It is fastened with the help of M16 stud – 400, which is mounted in fresh concrete.

  Asbestos pipe foundation

The asbestos foundation can be easily attached to the harness from the timber, which will become the basis of the future construction site.

Now the foundation of asbestos pipes is ready, it remains to cover the pillars with a film so that the concrete “ripens”. He is gaining strength after 28 days. To extend the life of asbestos pipes, you need to waterproof them with bitumen or other polymeric materials. It will be possible to start the further construction of the house in about 15 days, because the asbestos tube formwork is quite solid.

A simple and economical version of the foundation of asbestos pipes will allow to build a cozy, warm and comfortable building on a site dominated by sandy soil, where there is a threat of frequent flooding with groundwater. (more…)