Day: October 25, 2018

Attic insulation technology from the inside

In modern residential construction, an attic is not just an equipped warm attic, it is an effective way to increase the functional space of a residential building. Noteworthy is the fact that, in accordance with city planning standards, the attic is taken into account when determining the number of floors of the building.

The advantages of insulated attic:

  • saving on the cost of materials during the construction of a residential building;
  • arrangement of functional additional space;
  • the original appearance of a private house with an attic;
  • reduction of heat loss through the roof space.

Among the shortcomings: sloping ceilings, the need for additional insulation, difficulties with the rational organization of living space.

Most of the minuses of the attic are completely removable and become the advantages with the right approach. (more…)

Basement in a private house with their own hands

This system is most often used for large basements. The purchase and installation of forced ventilation is quite a significant cost, for this reason, not everyone can afford this luxury. The advantage of this method is that it gives the opportunity to most approximate the microclimate of the cellar to the natural conditions. The main principle of its work is to force the creation of a stream of fresh air with the help of special fans.

Heating the basement of a private house

In order for the basement to be dry and warm, you need to take care of the heating system. The choice of equipment depends on how much heat energy is needed for heating.

  Basement in a private house with their own hands

Storage of agricultural products

As a rule, it does not require additional basement heating. Most often, the neighborhood with heated living quarters on top is quite enough. (more…)

DIY homemade pool

It is imperative to install filtering equipment that will effectively clean water from debris and various microorganisms. Depending on the choice of cleaning method, it can be carried out after a certain time or permanently.

The structure of such equipment includes a pump, multi-way valve and filter element. The average filter life is about 2 years. In addition to the filter unit, special chemicals can be used.

If the structure is located indoors, then it is possible to make and install an air dryer, heat exchangers, flow-through water heaters near the pool. Electrical heating can be used for small pools, and large ones are usually connected to the central heating system.

Now you know how to build a pool with your own hands. As you can see, this is a simple task that can be done by any home craftsman, after which your dacha will be transformed, and you will be able to rest outside the city even more comfortably. (more…)

Laminate on wooden floor

After leveling the floor and cleaning it from debris, a springy damping tape is laid to damp sounds along the walls. So that the seams of the substrate do not fall on the joints of the boards, sheets or roll substrate roll out across the floor across the direction of the laminate lamellas.

It fits only the smooth side up and is interconnected end to end, without overlap. To avoid shearing the substrate, all sheets are fastened together with building tape. If the damper tape is not used, you can put the edges of the substrate a little to the wall a couple of centimeters. In the future, the excess is cut off. In order not to crush the porous material while walking, it is not recommended to lay the entire substrate at once – it is better to lay it out as needed.

Laying laminate step by step


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