Day: October 24, 2018

How to lay a tile on a tree

  How to lay a tile on a tree

Untreated wooden flooring should not be left in the bathroom. It will begin to swell from contact with water, it can bend and begin to rot.

Laying tiles in the bathroom includes the following steps:

  1. inspection of the coating of wood and its assessment;
  2. remove existing varnish, as well as damaged items;
  3. eliminate base defects (irregularities, pits, chips);
  4. if the bathroom is above the ground floor, the floor should be reinforced with beams, otherwise the room will not withstand the load after lining;
  5. after elimination of defects, go over the entire surface with a grinding machine or clean it manually;
  6. if air voids are found under the base, fill them with expanded clay.

These were the preparatory moments. Now consider how to properly put tiles on the wooden floor of the bathroom:

  1. impose a layer of antiseptic on the entire prepared surface;
  2. we carry out a waterproofing (greasing by mastic). Apply a layer to the surface of the boards, and to the joints in the area of ​​the walls.


Repair the foundation of a private house

If you nevertheless disassemble the brickwork of a private house, then after installing the new foundation pillars a randbalka is placed on them – the foundation lintel. It should be thick enough, not less than a quarter of the distance between the supports.

The base lintel may be of a slightly different design. In that case, if it can rely on the old foundation – its thickness can be reduced to 18 the distance between the beams. For the formation of supports with randbalka jumper, it is necessary to build a single formwork, that is, both the support and the pillars should as a result be a single concrete casting.

When dismantling the masonry during the repair of the foundation of a private house, you need to pay attention to the design of the brickwork. In the event that there is a void between the layers of the masonry, filled with insulating materials, then only the outer layer can be disassembled. (more…)

Blind area for the house with their own hands

It is necessary to constantly monitor the state of the blind area and repair it in time. For example, embroider and fill small cracks with cement mortar.

The most problematic area of ​​the blind area is the place of its connection with the foundation. Approximately 50% of troubles occur when the blind is removed from the foundation. If it is a little away from the foundation, you can use sealants or waterproofing fillers. If a sufficiently large gap is formed, it must be immediately eliminated, but in a more labor-intensive way.

Experts recommend to fill the gap with concrete, pre-clearing it from sand, soil and debris. For reliability, iron reinforcement is added to concrete. You can use a cement-sand mortar, adding crushed stone to it. Two or three days after the mortar has hardened, the surface must be coated with a conventional primer for exterior work. (more…)

How to build a broken roof do it yourself

The device of the vertical window-dormer in the roof roof

Plus this window: near it you can stand in full growth. But they let less light in, the relief becomes more difficult and the roof becomes more problematic.

A recessed window is usually used if they make an exit to the balcony through it. In other cases, this method of device is not the best option: there is little light, shadows are very deep, which is tiring for the eye, geometry also becomes more complicated, although not to the same extent as in the previous version.

The easiest way is to make a window in the end part of the attic. In this case, do not need a reinforced frame or reinforced glass. It is quite enough just high-quality glass. It is this option that can most often be seen in the country penthouses: this is the most inexpensive option that is easily realized by hand. (more…)

Hardwood floors between the floors in the brick house

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    Overlaps on the wooden beams in a brick house

    Interfloor and attic floors – a mandatory part of any home. Three types of floors became widespread in suburban construction: monolithic concrete, slab and wood. The choice of option depends on the material used to make the walls, for example, monolithic or prefabricated reinforced concrete structures cannot be used for a wooden house. Wooden floors in a brick house – not the most common solution: they can be quite strong, but still they will be much less durable than concrete.

    The advantages of wooden floors

    The wooden floor of a brick house is an option with several important advantages at once, and at the same time it has serious drawbacks. (more…)

  • Fill the floor in the house with their own hands

    There are two ways of laying floors in a private house: concreting on the ground or on beams and slabs. The technology of work is fundamentally different, the choice of the desired method depends primarily on the groundwater level and dryness of the soil. The first option is cheaper, it is easy to do it yourself, pouring is suitable for all types of foundations, except for pile foundations. In this case, the concrete floor is a reinforced screed over rammed soil, heat and waterproofing layers of building materials, each of which has a different thickness and its functional purpose. At observance of requirements of technology the equal, strong and durable covering turns out, completely suitable to a flooring of decorative finishing furnish of any type and withstanding considerable operational loadings. (more…)