Day: October 23, 2018

Frame house pros and cons

A big disadvantage of frame houses can be called low noise insulation between separate rooms and interfloor ceilings.

  Frame house pros and cons

The absence of thick walls and slabs on the ceiling affects this, but it is possible to lower the noise level by laying a thicker layer of insulation into the walls and installing decorative sound-proofing materials, which are produced quite a lot today. But all these measures will not help in the fight against echoing and vibrations when walking in shoes on the second floor and moving furniture. It remains as little as possible to make noise.

Vibration instability

Because of its design features, frame houses are sensitive to vibration, which leads to a loss of stiffness of the connection of parts and structural elements and the house gradually goes to destruction.

The difficulty of interior decoration

The disadvantages include problems with hammering nails for some needs, but this is a problem for all houses whose walls are faced with gypsum boards. (more…)

How to make a porch to the house with their own hands

If you build a porch going from brick, rubble or other similar heavy materials, and with heavy veneer, you need a solid foundation. You have to either pour the tape, or make a plate. They are made according to all the rules without any exceptions: with formwork, reinforcement, vibration, etc. Fully by technology.

When building such a foundation, it can already be associated with the main one: you will have to do it to the same depth and most likely it will behave steadily.

Advantages: high reliability and stability. Disadvantages: significant cost and duration of the construction process.

If the house is located on dry soils or in a region where frost heaving is just a terrible tale, if it does not have a socle, the veranda attached to the house can do without a foundation. In this case, the fertile layer is removed along with the vegetation, the bottom of the pit is rammed, then rubble is filled up, rammed, and then the sand, which is also compacted. (more…)

How to insulate a house from a bar

Sheathing timber houses with plastic siding

To sheathe a house from a bar outside it is desirable to use wooden boards, the thickness of which will be at least 25 mm. Also that they were made of larch, pine or oak. In this case, an important parameter will be performed, in which both the cladding and the walls breathe better.

  How to insulate a house from a bar

Wood paneling allows walls to breathe

Important! During the installation of the cladding at the lower and upper edges of the facade, special ventilation slots should be created. In order to avoid rain or snow falling behind the facade, you can install special visors.

In the next article we will look at the technology of warming a frame house – which insulation is best suited for this type?

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How to make a log track

But, in order not to disturb the harmony of the garden path, sawn along chubuki are used.

Step 5 – filling the second layer of sand cushion

  How to make a log track

Sand bedding Sand is used as the second layer. Total height of the pillow is 50-100 mm.

In order to seal the sand well, a technique such as watering it with water is used.

The material is prepared for the site

Step 6 – the scheme of laying wood cuts

The order of installation of the cuts of the tree does not matter. Pattern formation depends on the preferences of the owner.

It can be positioned so that the space between the saws is as small as possible. And you can, on the contrary, have them widely.

The main thing at this stage is to slightly “drown” the saw cut (rammed), and also level them up.

Laying saw cuts Tamping saws Installation of tree cuts under the path Leveling cuts


Frame houses do it yourself 8×9

Frame houses quickly became popular not only in our country. They are built in a short time, do not require huge cash outlay, have good performance, are environmentally safe.

If you are excited about the idea of ​​building your own house, then this article is for you. We have prepared step-by-step instructions on how to build a frame house with your own hands.

It is clear that before construction begins, you must buy a finished construction project, or make it yourself, and then coordinate it with the local authorities. We will assume that all things have already been done – coordination, selection of a construction site, its study, etc.

So, we build a frame house with our own hands!

1. Installation of the base

The foundation can be of any type: columnar, pile-screw, belt, etc.

In this article we will look at the process of building a frame house with a pile-and-screw foundation. (more…)

How to make a pool yourself

The most popular are concrete pools in the country with their own hands, while the edge of the bowl may be level with the ground or be above it. If you decide to build a swimming pool in the yard, so that the edges are flush with the ground, then you will have to dig a deeper pit, and this is an additional investment of time, effort and money.

Before you make your own pool, you need to develop its project, in which you need to calculate the amount of materials and equipment, placement of communications. Only in the presence of the finished project, you can begin construction of the pool.

When digging the pit, allowances of 30 cm in depth and 60 in width should be allowed. It is necessary to make the walls and the floor of the bowl. When deciding how to build a pool in the country or in the courtyard of a private house, you will need to stock up with fittings, with the help of which the frame for the bowl will be made. (more…)