Day: October 22, 2018

Building an extension to the house with their own hands

If flexible roof tile is selected to cover the roof of a new structure. Plywood sheets, or frequent lathing, are completely laid on the rafter. Waterproofing is also required. If the selected roof – large sheets, then under them fit the truss system itself. Waterproofing is mounted on it, then the roofing sheets themselves are put overlapped (and fixed with fasteners).

Then they begin to insulate the walls and floor inside the extension itself. Mineral wool is very good for insulation. It is placed inside the frame structure, between the bars. On top of it, with braces, a special vapor barrier film is mounted on the bars.

In conclusion

When building a frame extension with our step-by-step instructions clearly shows the sequence of actions. At the final stage, at the very end of the work, the walls are trimmed with OSB, plywood or gypsum plasterboard. (more…)

How to make a roof frame with your own hands

  How to make a roof frame with your own hands

When erecting the roof, the “first fiddle” plays in the whole structure the roof frame. It is on the frame that the main mechanical load falls, which means that the requirements for strength, reliability and durability of the frame are put forward the highest. Roofing material, insulation and waterproofing can be very different, but if the frame is erected with flaws – write lost: this roof will not last for a long time.

Very often, the construction of the roof frame puts novice craftsmen to a standstill. However, if you look, then there is nothing impracticable in this task, you just need to choose one of the proposed designs for the roofs of houses and get down to business.

With proper approach, proper calculation and good theoretical preparation, the frame part of the roof for a small house can be erected even alone. (more…)

How to make a well with your own hands

With a pump that will pump water to the surface, you must decide in advance. The choice of pumping equipment allows to solve the problem with the diameter of the future well and the core pipe. Pumping equipment must pass freely into the pipe. Therefore, between the diameter of the pumping equipment and the inner diameter of the pipe the difference should be at least 5 mm.

Drilling principle

  How to make a well with your own hands

The descent and the subsequent lifting of the equipment – this is the process of drilling a well. The bar turns and simultaneously with it hit on top. Working together, it is much easier to do this work. One person turns the gas wrench, the second strikes the bar from above, punching the rock.

Using a winch can significantly simplify the drilling process. Using it, lowering and lifting drilling equipment is noticeably easier. (more…)

Hardwood floor of the first floor

The following materials are used as supporting elements:

  • solid timber;
  • knocked down boards;
  • peeled logs.

The standard cross-section of the beams is 150/150 mm or 20/150 mm for timber, 140/240 or 5/20 mm for boards. You can use glued laminated timber. In bending strength, it is not inferior to the whole, and often surpasses it. Any material chosen for the construction of wooden floors must be well dried and free from flaws in the form of cracks, knots and wormholes.

  Hardwood floor of the first floor

Logs are chosen by tapping on them with an ax butt. The tree should make a clear and sonorous sound. It is recommended to use coniferous varieties of wood, as they work on bending much better than hardwood. The length of the beams must be such that it is possible to lay the support in the sockets for the purpose in the walls. (more…)