Day: October 20, 2018

Floor 2 floors on wooden beams

  Floor 2 floors on wooden beams

There is another type of overlap on the second floor – filler. This design is made of concrete mix in the formwork, assembled on racks. This is also a fairly reliable type of overlap. You can collect it yourself. However, the technology of its manufacture is still very complex. Errors when pouring monolithic slabs can not be allowed.

The overlap of the second floor on the wooden beams serves less than slab or aspic, but at the same time it is completely devoid of their shortcomings. The assembly technology of such a construction is extremely simple. At the same time such type of overlappings manages inexpensively. These structures are being arranged, as can already be judged by the name, on cobbled or log beams. Collecting them is allowed in brick or block houses, and in chopped or shield. (more…)

Calculation of reinforcement for the foundation

  Calculation of reinforcement for the foundation

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Abyssinian well do it yourself

2. The filter needle can be made independently. To do this, take a piece of pipe, in which holes of 5-8 mm are drilled in a staggered manner at a distance of 5 cm from each other.. Grid or wire soldered. By the end of the pipe is welded tip in the form of a spear. To facilitate progress in the thickness of the earth, its diameter is chosen a couple of millimeters larger than the diameter of the pipe itself.

  Abyssinian well do it yourself

Handmade filter needle

Important! The grid is soldered only with the help of flux or tin. The use of toxic lead is not allowed.

Council To prevent electrochemical corrosion, it is better to pick up the needle from the same material of which the casing is made.

3. The pipe is expanded using threaded connections as it is immersed in the well. Both rubber seals, flax or silicone can be used for sealing. (more…)

Monolithic floor plate do it yourself

  Monolithic floor plate do it yourself

If the skeleton is double-layered, then special supports, “chairs” of reinforcement (in the photo on the left), are stacked and tied with a binding wire on the reinforcement of the first layer and the second layer is laid similarly to the first. Such coasters can even be made independently from pieces of reinforcement. The height of the “high chairs” should be such that there is at least 2.5–3 cm distance between the upper row of reinforcement laid on them and the level of concrete pouring.

Concrete for casting monolithic floors can be ordered ready (M400 brands) or prepared by hand using a concrete mixer. Ready concrete can be supplied manually, using a concrete pump or using a crane, depending on its volume and height of the floor slab.

Before pouring concrete, plywood must be treated with formwork oil, or at least working out, so that it is easier to remove formwork. (more…)

How to decorate a frame house outside

Among other things, modern imitations of natural stone are notable for their significantly lower cost, wide variety of colors and textures, excellent thermal insulation properties, and technical characteristics.

Plastering home

Plaster – the most common type of lining outside, used in Russia and other European countries.

Plaster mixes have many positive qualities, they are characterized by low cost, a wide range of colors and textures. With their help, you can sheathe the surface of any home outside, including the frame structure.

A wide range of plasters on the market, gives owners the opportunity to create facades of houses, visual characteristics resemble various natural finishing materials – wood and stone. Depending on the type of plaster mix, it may include both standard mineral fillers and acrylic dyes, as well as silicone, and even marble chips, which provide an extremely attractive appearance for the facade revetted with such material. (more…)

How to make a formwork for the house

  • Decorative completion of the building, it makes a more solid and attractive appearance of the house;
  • The blind area protects the foundation of your building from water leaking;
  • Reduces soil freezing, which has a positive effect on the warmth in the house.

How to make a formwork around the house

  How to make a formwork for the house

Everybody can have a formwork around the house, having the necessary materials and tools. After reading all the necessary tips, you can make the formwork yourself. The main thing to know that incorrectly made formwork adversely affect the whole of your construction.

Determine the width of the blind area

In choosing the width of the blind area you need to pay attention to the roof of your house. The blind area should not significantly protrude beyond the level of the roof so that precipitations do not flow onto it. (more…)

Insulation thickness in the frame house

It is not difficult to warm the frame house, the main thing is to follow a number of rules.

  Insulation thickness in the frame house

1. First, a vapor barrier is mounted on the inside. It prevents the ingress of water vapor from the side of the room into the thickness of the insulation.

2. The next layer will be plywood, which is also screwed from the inside.

3. Next, we lay insulation. In our case, at the beginning there is a layer 10 cm thick, after which the crate of bars is horizontally packed and the next layer 5 cm thick is laid.

This design will help to avoid cold bridges, which are formed at the junction of insulation plates.

4. To keep the stone wool in a dry condition, a wind and hydro-protective film is nailed to the surface of the insulation. It will prevent accidental ingress of moisture from the outside.

5. In order to remove moisture from the insulation, you need to leave a ventilation gap. (more…)

The better to warm the house from the bar outside

The plates of “Penoplex”, due to their high strength, can be laid both vertically and horizontally. The structure of their surface allows you to apply plaster.

Insulation “Penoplex” is a material having a uniform structure, which consists of small, closed cells (size 0.1-0.2 mm).

The main properties of PENOPLEX plates are:

  • low thermal conductivity
  • low vapor permeability
  • lack of water absorption
  • high compressive strength
  • resistance to burning and biodegradation
  • ecological purity
  • easy and convenient installation
  • durability

When using penoplex plates, you should be aware that this material, like other types of extruded polystyrene foam, has a low chemical resistance to such substances as:

  • Aldehydes (formaldehyde, formalin)
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene, xylene)
  • Ketones (acetone, methyl ethyl ketone)
  • Esters (diethyl ether), you can not use solvents with ethyl acetate, methyl acetate,
  • Gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel
  • Polyester resins (hardeners of epoxy resins and coal tar should not be used),
  • Oil paints.