Day: October 18, 2018

Construction of the porch to the house with their own hands

If you build a porch going from brick, rubble or other similar heavy materials, and with heavy veneer, you need a solid foundation. You have to either pour the tape, or make a plate. They are made according to all the rules without any exceptions: with formwork, reinforcement, vibration, etc. Fully by technology.

When building such a foundation, it can already be associated with the main one: you will have to do it to the same depth and most likely it will behave steadily.

Advantages: high reliability and stability. Disadvantages: significant cost and duration of the construction process.

If the house is located on dry soils or in a region where frost heaving is just a terrible tale, if it does not have a socle, the veranda attached to the house can do without a foundation. In this case, the fertile layer is removed along with the vegetation, the bottom of the pit is rammed, then rubble is filled up, rammed, and then the sand, which is also compacted. (more…)

How to warm the walls from the inside

  How to warm the walls from the inside

How to correctly solve the issue of insulation of a building, house or cottage after the completion of basic construction works? Any experienced builder will definitely answer: it is necessary not only external insulation, especially if the building is made of bricks and other materials that conduct heat well.

Causes of moisture

Dew Point Offset Results

In the winter season with the onset of frost, the walls of our houses are frozen. In a correctly calculated wall thickness, the transition point from the minus temperature to the positive temperature, it is called the dew point, is inside the wall and no condensation occurs. That is why earlier houses were built with walls of stone not less than 80 cm thick. Today, using the latest construction technologies and innovative materials, it became possible to build houses with a smaller wall thickness, but such structures require the establishment of additional thermal insulation structures. (more…)

Build a basement with your own hands

Make a basement with your own hands, of course, you can. But it is worth considering the fact that you have to spend a lot of time and effort on this process. Temporary costs will be associated not only with direct construction, but also with the study of all the nuances of arranging the basement.

Naturally, there is no doubt that the basement is an extremely useful room in all respects. It is possible to equip a workshop, make a sauna, billiards, gym. In addition, very often from the basements and ground floors make an additional living room, which is no less comfortable to be than in other areas of the house. Having made a spacious basement, you can turn a two-storey house into almost a three-storey one.

  Build a basement with your own hands

The main problem with the arrangement of the basement occurs at the stage of its construction. (more…)

How to build a pool with your own hands

Frame pool

Requires special knowledge for the arrangement

How can I make a pool with my own hands?

When deciding how to make a pool with your own hands at your dacha or in the courtyard of a private house, you do not need to have special knowledge, it will be enough to get acquainted with the technology of its creation. Before you build a pool in the country, you need to decide whether it will be a fixed, portable version or a small decorative one. More convenient and comfortable to use a fixed pool.

What are the types of pools?

You can make different pools with your own hands, everything will depend on how much space in the country you can allocate for this building and at what time of year you plan to use it.

Do-it-yourself carcass pools are usually made of coated metal sheet. This type of structure is used only in warm weather. (more…)

Basement in a private house

Very often the cellar in the house acts as a basement. It is usually located under the floor of a residential building. It can be placed in the hallway or kitchen. It is very common to have a cellar in the waiting room.

  Basement in a private house

The walls of the cellar may not have a bundle with the foundation. Usually they are built independently of brick, concrete or reinforced concrete. The shape of this design is found in different shapes. For many centuries, the round cellar has been considered the best option for the cellar. It greatly helps to reflect the pressure of the soil on the walls, and you can make the walls themselves thin. It is also convenient to place storage products in a round cellar.

Waterproofing and ventilation of the basement

In order to ensure the qualitative use of the basement, it is necessary to make for it waterproofing internal or external. (more…)

How to break a column under the water with your own hands

  How to break a column under the water with your own hands

It is possible to prevent sprinkling of water intake walls by installing casing. In their role can play plastic water pipes. The bottom of the pipe should have a “shoe” – a serrated (a) or smooth (b) edge.

The main stages of work:

  • Preparatory stage. Before you drill a well, you must manually create a hole – a special structure that will prevent the soil from shedding. The hole is a pit of 1.5×1.5×2 m. The walls of the pit are strengthened with the help of boards or metal sheets, they also cover the bottom.
  • We build the tower and determine the central point in the lower flooring;
  • Create a hole whose size must match the diameter of the casing. Check whether the drilling tool is vertically installed.
  • We pass the bar through the top and bottom hole and fasten the gate. It is best to spin the gate together. to correct the position of the rod, you can attract a third person.
  • Put a mark on the column at a distance of 60 cm from the top. After the column is lowered into the ground at this distance, it is lifted to the surface and the ground is removed. Repeat the operation several times. With the deepening of the tool, it is increased with the help of rods and couplings. To understand how best to drill a well with or without casing, you should know the density of the soil. Installing casing columns will prevent the fallout of the walls of the water intake, thereby prolonging its life. The diameter of the casing should be slightly larger than the diameter of the couplings. In order to prevent the collapse of the walls, do not lower the bit too deeply (the depth of the tool should not exceed its length). Thus, the device of the well is an alternation of drilling and casing installation, which are increasing as deepening.
  • At the final stage, we clean the well from the rock with the help of a yolka; we put a strainer on the bottom, which will prevent the ingress of mechanical impurities and quick silting of the source. In the role of the filter can be a perforated pipe or a fine-mesh metal mesh.


How to warm a house from a bar

  How to warm a house from a bar

Traditional tow has got efficient competitors these days. jute, lnovatin, ecowool, mineral wool, fiberglass, polystyrene foam, thermo basalt slabs. For uniform distribution of insulation between the crowns, tapes of fibrous materials in the form of a nonwoven fabric are used, which are attached to the wood with a stapler or glue.

In the choice of insulation should be guided not only by its heat-saving properties, but also susceptibility to open fire, fungal and mold lesions.

What is meant by “insulation of a wooden house”

Warming a house from a bar can simply mean protection against blowing, or protection against penetration of cold air. And you can consider this process as a set of measures to preserve internal heat in winter conditions. Each of the target installations will require different insulating materials, different technologies for the implementation of this stage of construction, different degrees of complexity of the measures taken. (more…)

Electricity in a wooden house

  1. Wiring layout in a wooden house
  2. Wiring Diagrams
  3. Requirements for wiring in a wooden house
  4. Power supply design
  5. Video: Electrician in a wooden house

When carrying out repair and construction works, a correctly executed wiring diagram in a wooden house is of great importance. This is primarily due to the provision of electrical and fire safety of such buildings in the process of further operation. Wood belongs to combustible materials, therefore there are a number of limitations and technical conditions for laying wires and cables, installing electrical appliances and equipment. Exact fulfillment of all requirements will allow to avoid fire and other negative consequences.

Wiring layout in a wooden house

The wiring diagram, including for the wooden house is drawn up before the start of the installation work. (more…)