Day: October 17, 2018

Base plate do-it-yourself instruction

Sand-gravel pad will soften the impact of the soil on the slab

The next step is to create a multi-layer protective cushion, which plays the role of a buffer between the concrete fill and the soil. A layer of coarse sand, gravel or crushed stone with a thickness of 10-15 cm is poured over the ground. It is necessary to alleviate the pressure on the concrete base from the side of the seasonal heaving forces.

The sand-gravel pad after dumping is rammed for greater density by a vibrating plate or by hand tamping in the form of a chock with handles attached to it. When building the foundation on clay or marshy soils before dumping gravel, the soil is covered with geotextile, which will prevent the protective layer from deepening into the soil.

A protective leveling screed made of “lean” concrete, grades M-100… (more…)

How to insulate the roof of the attic from the inside

Above the insulation, between the crate and the rafters, waterproofing is laid. The material is overlapped, laying starts from the bottom edge of the slope. Then the wooden countermounts are mounted – their thickness creates the required ventilation gap of the roof. Reiki can be fastened to the rafters with nails, but it is better to use screws. To the prepared construction from within between the rafters the insulation is laid and fixed.

  How to insulate the roof of the attic from the inside

Truss foot, made of metal or wood, is a cold bridge, as its coefficient of thermal conductivity is much worse than that of a heat insulator.

For this reason, warming the attic, you should not limit the installation of a heat insulator between the rafters – on top of the already laid mats and rafters it is better to perform a continuous heat-insulating layer. (more…)

A change house from a bar the hands

  A change house from a bar the hands

The timber is fastened with a section of 100×100 mm on the crown strictly along the perimeter of the structure. On the middle beam strapping is not performed. After mounting the bottom trim, a 50 mm step should appear along the entire inner edge of the base.

Setting lag on the floor

For a log, a 50×100 mm bar is needed; they are mounted with its edge downwards, onto 3 longitudinal beams of the crown, and inserted into the cuts with a size of 30 mm in the bottom trim. Step taken 60 cm.

The arrangement of the subfloor

An optional step that extends the life of the dog house and slightly warms it. The gaps between the pillars around the perimeter overlap with heavy permeable material (debris, for example), and the floor itself is covered with clay with clay from sand to lag.

Installation of vertical corner racks of timber 100×100 mm

Before further final fixing, the racks are leveled with the help of level and temporary bilateral rail braces. (more…)

Finishing imitation timber inside the house with your own hands

In cases of using both types of imitation timber, it is imperative to select components for decorative elements that give the room’s interior a logical completeness, integrity, and individual character. This refers to all kinds of moldings, mensoli, cornices, balusters, fancy trims, balustrades, and corners of wood.

How to choose

If it is easy to figure out the size of the panels, then in terms of selecting their other parameters it is important not to hurry. The material for the manufacture of panels is selected based on the purpose of its application and the specifics of the microclimate in the room:

  • from larch – suitable for any interior. Showing people with asthma and problems with the organs of the respiratory system;
  • from oak demonstrate high resistance to moisture and mechanical stress; it is optimally applied in a room for a child, a gym, a kitchen room;
  • from coniferous wood characterized by a high resin content, therefore should not be used in rooms with high temperature (kitchen, bath, bathroom).


Basement device under the house

It is necessary to check the level of groundwater during active thawing of snow and flood, or during autumnal rains. It is then that it will be maximum, and in determining it, it is possible to reliably establish whether the water rises to the required height.

When the groundwater level is closer than 1 meter to the floor surface of the house, the cellar device in the house will have to be abandoned and a portable cellar built in another place. If it fluctuates at a level of 1-1.5 meters, you can try to reduce it by arranging a drainage system around the perimeter of the house deeper than the intended level of the cellar floor. In this case, the walls of the cellar will need to be waterproofed with high quality, as well as arrange a clay hydraulic lock around them.

Ideally, the depth of the cellar should be 1.9-2.2 meters, it is precisely at this depth that it will be convenient to be in it, and the temperature will be set at + 5 ° C, which is optimal for storing vegetables. (more…)

How to make a well for water

Step 2. On the filter tube wind the wire and tighten the net of filter weaving. The last need to fix the clamps every 100 mm.

Manual drilling rig

Step 3. At the far end of the filter, a steel cone is installed; its base diameter is larger than the pipe diameter and its height is 100 mm. The tip can be ordered from a turner, and the cone can be securely fixed to the filter pipe with tin solder.

In the same way additionally secure the grid.

Variety of homemade design for shallow drilling

Step 4. For the body of the well prepare meter or one and a half meter inch pipes with threads at both ends for the connection.

At the preparatory stage, you can make a grandmother – a tool for driving. To do this, take a small piece of pipe with a thick wall, centimeter base is welded to one end of the tube, and handles on the side. (more…)

Build a house with his own hands

Construction and reinforcement of the foundation

After you have finished with the choice of type and reinforcement of the foundation, by the way, carefully select the appropriate concrete to fill the foundation. Next, we warm the foundation from the outside and from the inside to keep the heat inside the house and not to spend money on its heating.

The next stage is the bottom trim of the frame house. and the construction of walls, as for the walls, then decide on what the house will consist of bricks or cinder blocks, and maybe of wood or expanded clay blocks. Incidentally, the construction of walls often in our time has become fashionable to use wood concrete blocks – this is a sample of material that is made from sawdust, cement and special impurities that keep heat well and are fireproof. (more…)