Day: October 16, 2018

Making wooden stairs with your own hands

Attention. Between direct flights going towards each other, the distance should be at least 100 mm.

  Making wooden stairs with your own hands

It is necessary to leave a distance between the marches “coming forward” to each other.

Steps can be supported on bearing beams, can be fastened to the wall with bolts, attached to two side bows. Consider the example of construction with kosourami.

Regardless of the presence or absence of experience, any master should begin with calculations and design. The project focuses on security and the creation of better conditions for movement.

  • The design should hold a load greater than the average person weight.
  • It must be equipped with fences, the location of which must be taken into account at the stage of project creation.
  • Fences are equipped with handrails and balusters, the distance between standing next balusters should be less than the size of the child’s head.


How to make a wooden window do-it-yourself drawings

Cut the glass to try on the window frame, making sure the right size and pull out.

  How to make a wooden window do-it-yourself drawings

Now all the grooves of the window frame, in which the glass will be placed, are processed with the help of the hermetic composition and only then the glass itself is placed there. For additional fastening use bead. It helps to fix the glass in the frame. Its fixation is made using thin carnations. If you use wide beadings, then their attachment will be possible with the help of screws.

With the option of a window consisting of two parts, in the center of the frame it is necessary to mount a bar of a vertical nature, equipped with grooves of the same nature. Half of this window should be performed separately. Note that it is narrower than the first. It is attached to the frame of the main character with the help of loops. (more…)

Do-it-yourself windows made of wood drawings

How to make a window with your own hands? If there is a desire, then, knowing some nuances, you can easily cope with this task. For example, handicrafts-made wooden windows are especially in demand when building a summer house or a closed veranda. Or maybe you plan to make a workshop? Then for her, you also need wooden window designs.

  Do-it-yourself windows made of wood drawings

And if you try and use high-quality materials, you can make a window for a house or apartment. The main thing is that your future device meets the requirements of good tightness and ideally correct geometry. Plus, to save money, you get a warm, durable and safe window for human health.

You will be able to increase its service life if you use different compositions in your work, which will reliably protect wooden surfaces from negative impacts.

Of course, you are unlikely to be able to do it with factory production, because during manual work the assembly accuracy suffers a little. (more…)

Build a house with your own hands

One of the most popular projects is the project of a house with a mansard. For the attic used frame panel panels, stacked after installation of the truss system. The rafter system is made of timber, and there may be two types – suspended and nylon. Hanging (or hanging) truss system is suitable for small country buildings, as it has only two points of support.

  Build a house with your own hands

Roof frame house shield

The rafter legs of the suspended structure are squeezed and bent, and considerable horizontal tearing force is transmitted to the walls. To reduce this effort (so that the walls are not moved apart, to put it simply) they perform a wooden or metal fastening connecting the rafter legs. Her place – at the base of the rafters or slightly higher.

Suspended rafters are used in the construction of larger buildings, in which the roof has a large run-up. (more…)

DIY carving

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  DIY carving

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The originality of carved platbands for windows and doors is striking in its spirituality. If you are not afraid of carpentry and there is a desire to make wooden frames with your own hands. it remains to come up with a composition for the frame.

Below are sketches of carved platbands in a small size and in a mediocre quality. But, these templates can be downloaded for free. (more…)

Construction of the house stages of work

  Construction of the house stages of work

The organization of building a house is a complicated matter and requires both specific knowledge and a systematic approach, without which the construction procedure can be violated, deadlines are broken, and the work technology is not respected. In order for the construction process to go on as usual, it is required to break it up into stages, think over and develop each of them, and adhere to the prepared plan in fulfillment. From whatever the house was built, in its construction can distinguish the steps described below.

The main stages of building a house

The zero stage of the construction of the cottage is considered to be phased preparatory work, which includes site selection, geological surveys, development of project documentation, obtaining various approvals and permits, as well as earthworks on the territory of the future construction site. (more…)

Floors on the wooden beams of the ceiling 2 floors

The device overlapping the second floor on the wooden beams, as you can see – the procedure is simple. It is possible to assemble such a design, including independently. But, of course, performing the installation of the ceiling, you should strictly adhere to the established technologies. In this case, the design will be reliable and durable.

  Floors on the wooden beams of the ceiling 2 floors

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Our ancestors did not sleep like we did. What are we doing wrong? (more…)

How to build a foundation for a house with your own hands

If you are building something with the expectation that the building will last for many years, then it is imperative for it to build a foundation. It does not matter whether it is a residential house, bath, garage, fence or greenhouse.

Articles in the category dedicated to foundations for a house will allow you to independently begin building your own house or any other structure that requires a reliable foundation. Even if you are not a fan of doing your own hands or you simply have no time, the information provided will allow you to monitor the progress of construction work carried out by hired workers.

How to make a foundation for a house with your own hands – types of structures, ways of construction

Building a house is a rather complicated, time-consuming and responsible process. The process of construction of a residential building includes several stages, one of which is the foundation for the house. (more…)