Day: October 15, 2018

How to make the floor in the frame house

  How to make the floor in the frame house

15 symptoms of cancer that women most often ignore Many of the signs of cancer are similar to the symptoms of other diseases or conditions, so they are often ignored. Pay attention to your body. If you notice.

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It turns out that sometimes even the loudest glory ends in failure, as is the case with these celebrities.

Contrary to all stereotypes: a girl with a rare genetic disorder conquers the world of fashion This girl’s name is Melanie Gaidos, and she broke into the world of fashion rapidly, shocking, inspiring and destroying stupid stereotypes. (more…)

How to build a foundation for a private house

In order to obtain high-strength concrete, and hence a high-quality strip foundation, it is necessary to make it rigid, with maximum effort applied when mixing with a shovel. If construction is carried out in the winter, which is undesirable, concrete requires warming when setting. This is done with straw, sawdust, glass wool, or you can simply warm up. It is impossible to pour concrete from a height of more than 1.5 m, otherwise the mixture will separate.

If butobeton is used as a mixture, it is necessary to follow the joining of rubble stones, they should fit tightly to each other. This choice will take considerable time, especially if done with your own hands, as the stones are precisely selected and adjusted. This technology is reduced to the alternation of operations for laying layers and their compaction, and between them is poured concrete binder, which should be finely filled. (more…)

How to decorate a frame house

You can decorate the frame house imitation of timber – so you can get the effect of the fact that the house is made of timber, but spend much less money. If the lining can be laid both vertically and horizontally, then the imitation of the beam can only be laid horizontally. This material can be sheathed frame house, both outside and inside.

Facade tiles

This material allows not only to make the frame house attractive, but also reliably protects it from the effects of negative natural factors.

Natural stone

  How to decorate a frame house

The scheme of the facade trim with natural stone.

The disadvantages of natural stone for facing the building is that it has an arbitrary thickness and dimensions, and this greatly complicates its installation.

It is not presented in a wide range of colors, it has a lot of weight, so it is almost never used for finishing a frame house. (more…)

Do-it-yourself roof construction instructions

When building private houses, the roof is most often made gable. There are reasons for this. The first is that it is reliable. It copes well with wind and snow loads. The second is that it is compatible with any roof covering. The third is relatively inexpensive. The fourth is a simple construction that is difficult to spoil. Fifth – it looks attractive. All this, and the fact that the dual-pitch roof is built with no hands on any special knowledge, determines its popularity.

  Do-it-yourself roof construction instructions

Assembled dual roof with their own hands ready for installation of roofing

Step mounting of a dual roof

As you saw above, there are a lot of truss systems. Accordingly, when assembling each has its own characteristics, but in general the order is the same. It is necessary to say about the general step: pre-drying and wood processing. (more…)