Day: October 13, 2018

Fill the floor in the house

With its high strength, durability and versatility, concrete floors are increasingly used not only in technical premises with high loads, but also in private housing construction. Making major repairs in the kitchen, bathroom or bathroom, the mandatory stage is to fill the floor with concrete. In addition, with the device “warm floor” in the house it is impossible to do without installing such a surface in any living room. In order for a concrete floor to have a long service life, it is necessary to fill it with all the rules of the technological process.

  Fill the floor in the house

The scheme of pouring the concrete floor on the ground.

Concrete is an affordable and fairly cheap building materials, in which no special knowledge and tools are required. Therefore, many masters pour concrete floor in a private house on their own, without attracting professionals for this. (more…)

Build your own house

The material for the manufacture of the porch of a frame house must be selected according to the texture of the walls so that it harmoniously weaves into the overall architectural appearance of the house or villa. For brick walls, the porch will be brick, for monoblock walls – from concrete, for wooden walls or walls covered with siding – from wood or similar siding.

  Build your own house

If the entrance door is high above the ground, the porch area must be raised to its level. Due to seasonal fluctuations in soil density, the landing must be located 50–100 mm below the door.

The porch is the final stage of building a house. Now you can begin to arrange engineering communications.


How to cheaply build a house with your own hands (61 photos)

Not having financial opportunities to attract professional builders, you can arm yourself with special literature and patience to build a house yourself. (more…)

Veranda attached to the house with your own hands

Closed veranda can be a cozy place to relax or work.

The most common yet remain the verandas of brick, natural stone, timber and boards or extensions, made with the use of a metal frame. The red brick is reliable material and will be suitable for the device of the closed verandah. Brick porch to the house with their own hands (projects, photos are available on the Internet) involves the device strip foundation. An extension is made to a facade wall of at least 3 m in size, and up to 5-6 m wide, depending on the size of the site.

  Veranda attached to the house with your own hands

Veranda combines the comfort of home and a high level of comfort with communication with nature

Helpful advice! Any building made additionally on the territory of your site is subject to mandatory registration in the department of architecture and technical inventory bureau, otherwise the building will be listed as a samostroy. (more…)

How to isolate the cellar from groundwater

The diagram shows the places to be isolated if the ceiling between the ground floor and the basement is below ground level.

Horizontal waterproofing of the basement floor inside

  How to isolate the cellar from groundwater

Waterproofing if the overlap between the ground floor and the basement is above ground level – the scheme is carried out when the basement base is at the level of groundwater or clay soil prevents water seepage. Performed by the floor.

Waterproofing the floor in the basement of the house is done regardless of whether it is required at this stage or not. Since there may be changes in the level of water occurrence, the amount of precipitation, or the purpose of the room will change.

The diagram shows the places to be isolated if the ceiling between the ground floor and the basement is above ground level.

Depending on the degree of moisture emit the following types of insulation:


Frame sauna do it yourself

You should not forget about the thorough waterproofing of this part of the building. For this purpose, pieces of roofing material are enclosed under the strapping and genital lags. In order to give the structure additional strength, the lags and piping are fixed on the base pipes with the help of pre-walled metal plates.

Then, the resulting structure should be treated with a special solution (several times): high-quality protection of wood from insects and decay is ensured.

Before this stage, the material should lie down and dry well. Then, according to the project, you need to prepare from the same boards frame racks and details of the truss structure for the roof.

  Frame sauna do it yourself

The frame is ready, it remains to sheathe and trim

Then the installation site of the frame racks is marked and then the final assembly of the frame can be started. (more…)

How to build a house with your own hands from foam concrete

  How to build a house with your own hands from foam concrete

Geometric accuracy of foam blocks.

The choice of material grade and wall thickness is determined by the climatic features of the area where the building of foam blocks is built. External load-bearing walls should be built from structural blocks that have low thermal insulation properties. This requires the laying of the second layer of insulating blocks. Therefore, in areas with a cold climate, external walls should be at least two-layer; at the same time, for the south you can get by with one layer of blocks.

Porous concretes have rather low resistance to alternating and periodic vertical loads. This condition requires the strengthening of zones where such loads are possible. In the places where the walls, door and window openings are installed, it is necessary to manufacture reinforcing belts or strong lintels. (more…)