Day: October 12, 2018

Build a house with your own hands a phased display of construction

Then there is a manual finish in accordance with the technology used for finishing the material.

In order to build a house with his own hands, the frame house was warm and cozy, it must be insulated. This will require both internal and external insulation. Outside the building is insulated with mineral wool (even before the finishing), which is mounted foam.

As an internal insulating material is used mineral wool and drywall. All available slots and openings are filled with foam from a pistol. All should warm – the floor. ceiling, walls and roofing. Between the decorative trim and insulation is placed a layer of vapor barrier material.

The final stage of work is the provision of all necessary communications, and final finishing, the type of which depends on the preferences of the owner. (more…)

Laying laminate on the plank floor

The substrate under the laminate is designed to perform several functions: to compensate for slight differences in the level of the floor; serve as thermal insulation; contribute to the absorption of extraneous sounds.

  Laying laminate on the plank floor

At the same time, an extensive selection of substrates of various materials is available for sale:

  • polyethylene foam;
  • cork;
  • from a bituminous cloth with pith grains;
  • polyurethane foam, with increased density.

Depending on the material, in the form of release there are sheet and rolled supporting materials. The substrate under the laminate is always laid only end-to-end, and the seams between adjacent canvases are taped to avoid displacement. Then you can proceed directly to the installation of laminate.

Laminate flooring

Let us consider in detail the technology of laying laminated panels, which includes several successive stages. (more…)

Building a foundation on a slope

General requirements for any type of basement on the territory with a slope, this is a secure ground fixing. The main threats are: firstly, the flow of rain and melt water, which wash away the soil around the house and accumulate in the upper part of the foundation, gradually destroying it; secondly, possible shedding and displacement of the soil.

For the safety of buildings on such a unique site, it is necessary to conduct a number of activities:

  Building a foundation on a slope

Drainage device around the house

  • Retaining plates, terraces, planting trees and shrubs with a strong branched root system are not only design techniques, but methods of strengthening the soil and preventing its displacement;
  • Particularly prone to crumbling the ground under the site, on the installed piles. In this place there are no landings, grass and bushes do not grow. (more…)
  • Warming of the ceiling in a private house mineral pool

    When glass wool is used, particles of glass fibers can get into the clothing. Also particles of mineral wool can penetrate the eyes and lungs. Therefore, it is necessary to work with mineral wool in special protective clothing.

      Warming of the ceiling in a private house mineral pool

    Slabs of mineral wool with a high density are laid on the first layer. Because of this, a smoother surface will form. On top of the mineral wool attach a special insulating material. And it will protect the insulation from moisture.

    When performing all the above recommendations, you can do all the installation work with your own hands. Well-made insulation will make your home warm and comfortable even in cold winter time.

    Thermal insulation of the mineral pool: a phased technology for a private house and apartment

    It should be noted that this problem is encountered both in the owners of private houses and in residents of typical high-rise buildings (especially if your apartment is on the last floor). (more…)

    Materials for waterproofing the basement from the inside

    For the treatment of the walls of the basement inside the roofing material is not used. First, it lags behind the surface as a result of the pressure of the water outside. And secondly, with its application in the future it will be problematic to perform a fine finish. However, waterproofing the basement floor from the inside using roofing material can be quite a good solution.

    In order for such protection against moisture to turn out to be of high quality, first excavation is carried out to a depth of about 20 cm. Next, rubble and sand are laid into the resulting pit with careful tamping of each layer. Roofing material is laid on top with an overlap on the walls to a height of 20 cm. Further, the material is coated with bitumen mastic. Then another layer of roofing material is laid. At the final stage, the basement floor is filled with a cement screed with a thickness of at least 5 cm. (more…)

    Build a change house with your own hands

      Build a change house with your own hands

    In addition, the ceiling and floor are made in two layers. Thanks to these techniques, inside the house is warm and dry. And appearance will give facing under a bar. Frame houses can be operated for several seasons, which favorably distinguishes them in comparison with shield panel houses and is an undoubted advantage.

    Their only drawback is that the interior is small enough. but this does not interfere with fully exploiting the shed as a summer kitchen, storage of working clothes and tools.

    On the video frame house barn, built by hand, – making the base:

    Manufacturing and installation of frame walls:

    Cabins from logs and logs

    This type of construction is distinguished by its high cost, because for its construction bars and logs with a section of more than 100×150 cm are used.

    It is recommended to build such sheds only if it is planned to use it as a bath in the future. (more…)