Day: October 10, 2018

Technology frame construction do it yourself

Then there is a manual finish in accordance with the technology used for finishing the material.

In order to build a house with his own hands, the frame house was warm and cozy, it must be insulated. This will require both internal and external insulation. Outside the building is insulated with mineral wool (even before the finishing), which is mounted foam.

As an internal insulating material is used mineral wool and drywall. All available slots and openings are filled with foam from a pistol. All should warm – the floor. ceiling, walls and roofing. Between the decorative trim and insulation is placed a layer of vapor barrier material.

The final stage of work is the provision of all necessary communications, and final finishing, the type of which depends on the preferences of the owner. (more…)

Basement waterproofing do it yourself

For the treatment of the walls of the basement inside the roofing material is not used. First, it lags behind the surface as a result of the pressure of the water outside. And secondly, with its application in the future it will be problematic to perform a fine finish. However, waterproofing the basement floor from the inside using roofing material can be quite a good solution.

In order for such protection against moisture to turn out to be of high quality, first excavation is carried out to a depth of about 20 cm. Next, rubble and sand are laid into the resulting pit with careful tamping of each layer. Roofing material is laid on top with an overlap on the walls to a height of 20 cm. Further, the material is coated with bitumen mastic. Then another layer of roofing material is laid. At the final stage, the basement floor is filled with a cement screed with a thickness of at least 5 cm. (more…)

How to make an electrician in the house with his own hands

  How to make an electrician in the house with his own hands

Always follow safety guidelines when carrying out. In order not to get confused, it is better to do it yourself, but if you have a partner, then help should be minimal – feed, bring, do not bother. You will need the following tool:

  1. Multimeter
  2. Perforator.
  3. Bulgarian.
  4. Screwdriver.
  5. Pliers.
  6. Nippers
  7. Figured and flat screwdrivers.
  8. Level.

If you carry out repairs in the old apartment and in parallel change the wiring, you need to pull out all the cables so that they do not interfere. For this work useful special sensor detection wiring.

Wire Layout

On the wall, put labels on which you will lay the wires. Pay attention to whether the position of the wires. After you have marked the places where electric cables will pass, you can mark sockets, boxes, shields and switches. Please note that the new apartments for the installation of the shield has a niche. (more…)

Artesian well do it yourself

Adapter Installation Diagram

Construction and construction of a well is a complex process that requires knowledge, experience and skills. Errors are not allowed, because in the future, they will cause water disruptions. If at any stage of well development there are doubts, it makes sense to turn to specialists.

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Water – all mistress! DIY drilling technology

Sunny greetings, dear visitors of my humble blog!

Once there was a well in every yard with crystal-clear water. (more…)

Installation of windows in a wooden house

After the preparation, proceed to the process of installing the window.

First of all, we disconnect the window frame from the casements, if the window is deaf – remove the glass unit. We do not remove the protective film from the windows – it will protect the profile from possible damages and scratches.

Installation of a windowsill

  Installation of windows in a wooden house

Installing a window sill in a wooden house If you want to install a window sill, then first of all we mount it. When installing, adjust the plane using a level and backing plates (pieces of wood, plywood, etc.).

If the window sill is also made of PVC, then under the cap of the screw it is necessary to put a washer (so that when screwing the screw it does not fall into the cavity of the window sill). Screw the screws into places located under the future frame (so that it is beautiful and the caps are not visible). (more…)

How to make a roof attic with your own hands

The upper rafters of the attic roof can be an L-shaped structure. Truss legs between themselves can be joined end-to-end with the use of wooden or metal fixing lining, or by cutting in half-wood, using a bolted connection. It is recommended to fit the first pair of rafters in place, which is then dismantled and used as a template. Prepared trusses are installed in the standard order – first extreme, then the rest with constant leveling.

At the last stage of the creation of the roofing structure, the installation of the batten, the installation of waterproofing, the creation of the ventilation clearance, the installation of the roofing covering are carried out with their own hands. On the inside, heat insulation and vapor barrier are fixed, and sheathing is mounted. In the video you can get acquainted with the technology works. (more…)

How to make a cellar in the house

Usually waterproofing of walls, floor and ceiling is made using roofing material. This rolled material is recommended to be laid in two layers. The overlap between the sheets should be no less than 10-12 cm, and each subsequent row should be perpendicular to the previous one. Under the waterproofing it is necessary to pour a gravel-sand pillow with a thickness of not less than 100-150 mm.

Diagram of the waterproofing cellar

Correctly build a cellar under the house with high-quality waterproofing of walls is possible in the process of laying the foundation.

In this case, the work will not interfere with other structures and elements of the building. In the process of building walls, bitumen mastic is applied on their outer surface, on which, in turn, the roofing material is glued. When performing this operation, the sheets are arranged vertically with an overlap of 8-10 cm. (more…)

Frame houses on the Finnish technology

Compared with a brick building, a frame house using Finnish technology will require two to three times less money for its heating. The standard wall thickness of just 15 cm (!) Is enough for quite comfortable living throughout the middle belt. If, however, a sandwich panel is sewn over such shields, then you can settle even beyond the Arctic Circle. In particular, many such houses were built in Alaska and Norway, so even this statement stands the test of practice.

  Frame houses on the Finnish technology

By the way, panel houses on the Finnish technology, the prices of which are quite small, are extremely easy to finish with any materials. Thanks to the perfectly smooth walls, there is no need to mess with plaster, as well as use more complex methods. Insulation can be used very different. You can use banal mineral wool (and its derivatives, like “Izovera”, “Knauf”), polystyrene foam or special bulk fillers are not a bad fit. (more…)