Day: October 8, 2018

Calculate reinforcement for strip foundations

  • How to calculate the reinforcement for strip foundations?
  • Basic requirements for valves
  • Calculation of the number of reinforcement for the foundation tape type

When laying the strip foundation, it is imperative that it is reinforced so that it can tolerate deformation and other loads well. The reinforcement must resist the tensile force, and the concrete – to compressive loads.

  Calculate reinforcement for strip foundations

The process of reinforcement of the foundation directly affects the durability and reliability of the building.

If you build a strip foundation of the house with your own hands, then you will have to count not only the right amount of concrete mix, but also such values ​​as the number and diameter of the rods. Therefore, we will further consider how to independently calculate the reinforcement for the strip footing. (more…)

How to lay carpet

“We have four cats and a cat. Wool, you know, everywhere. Without a carpet would be a nightmare, since all of it would fly in the air.

Of course, you have to vacuum every other day, but for me it is easier than catching wool in all corners with a rag. ”
Anna, Barnaul

“Now we have a repair, and before that, for more than five years, carpet was lying almost everywhere. Walking on it is nice. Only here there is quite a lot of dust.

The clubs, however, do not fly around the apartment, as on a normal surface, but only stick to the carpet. ”
Tanya, Yekaterinburg

  How to lay carpet

“And I do not agree with those who argue that carpet is only dust, a disaster for allergy sufferers, etc. We had an expensive carpet in the bedroom.

Dust does not penetrate into it and, passing the outer layer, does not fall further into other, deeper layers, therefore it is easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. (more…)

Fastening tape formwork

Aesthetics is not important in the arrangement of strip foundations. Shields are knocked out of the board and bars. Given the design height of the base of the building is determined by the number of boards in the shield. Boards are laid out on a flat surface and sealed in bars in 1 m increments. Nails or screws are used for fastening.

Sheathe structural elements of waterproofing film can be immediately or after installation in the trench. The film will prevent the outflow of the wet component of the concrete mix and will facilitate the dismantling of the shields after the concrete has hardened. If a waterproofing device is not planned, the shields are treated from the inside with hydro-barrier substances: reverse emulsions, milk of lime, waste oil, etc. After preparing all the external and internal shield elements, proceed to their installation. (more…)

Warming of the walls of a frame house with mineral wool

Moisture, which is formed and accumulates in the cavity of the frame, is the main scourge of insulation. It can penetrate outside from rain through cracks or form in the form of condensate. Moisture has a detrimental effect on the insulating material, especially on mineral wool. Therefore, in frame construction, it is necessary to protect the insulation well, arranging high-quality waterproofing. It should also take into account groundwater, which rises up from the foundation.

Over time, various crevices appear in the structures of panel houses, which lead to blowing, water leaking and vapor barrier violation. The easiest and cheapest way to eliminate them is to fill the gaps and seams with foam or polyethylene foam. After their use requires additional protection from moisture and ultraviolet rays. (more…)